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Contact – Sentient- sentizer компанийн нэр ,Martin Scheuch, MRICS Partner . [email protected] +420 224 946 956 (t) +420 602 179 137 (m) Sentient s.r.o. Smrčkova 2485/4 (DOCK IN TWO)ai & data | Sentient.ioOur AI models, microservices, and datasets are readily available through APIs on the Sentient.io AI & Data Cloud Platform. We utilize curated public and private datasets, and pre …

Our Global Presence - Sentiss Pharma Pvt. Ltd.

Sentiss through it’s EU GMP approved manufacturing facility, is in a strong position to offer it’s products for the EU market. Sentiss has CE marked medical devices as well as CTD dossiers for multiple products in Blow-Fill-Seal Unit Dose and Three-piece Multi-Dose vials.

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Sentinor produce and supply a range of award winning intruder detection and force protection systems for the military and national security. The expertise used in developing military based technology is applied to all of our products, ensuring they are robust and reliable.

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We can assist our clients throughout the whole lifecycle of their project, from acquisition and strategic planning, through to the construction and fit-out stage, right up …

SentinelAgent | Ultralight Footprint Windows Monitoring

Your Windows System’s Health Is Our Business. SentinelAgent is a cloud-based Microsoft Windows monitoring solution. With its ultralight footprint agent-based design, SentinelAgent securely captures, stores and analyzes event logs, performance metrics (WMI) and system inventory in real-time from any number of Windows PCs, tablets and servers on your network.

Sentient | Definition of Sentient by Merriam-Webster

sentient: [adjective] responsive to or conscious of sense impressions.

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Sentient (2017) - настолна игра от магазин за настолни ...

Купете Sentient (2017) - настолна игра от Renegade Game Studios на супер цена от магазин за бордови и картови настолни игри BoardGames.BG.


PROVIDING INDUSTRIAL AI - AT SCALE Sentian.AI. With more than 20 experienced AI experts, Sentian offers AI at scale to manufacturing and process industry.